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rosemary_dandelion_soap_5About Loves Field Soap Co

On a small farm, in the Smoky Mountains is a sweet little rural community named Loves Field. This is where we make each and every batch of handmade soap and this is where our story began.

Our natural scent blends like Sweet Tobacco, Campfire and Earthy Forrest scents, are all made from 100% essential oil blends. And soap is made using the cold-process method.

I began making natural handmade soap in 1998, out of pure desperation for chemical free skin care that smelled good. Like many of my customers, I suffer from sensitive skin that easily breaks out from using commercial soap and most skin care products. Our soap is a combination of aromatherapy and gentle chemical free skin care, for body + spirit..

Over the years I have studied everything I could get my hands on about soapmaking and natural skin care. In the beginning learning resources were scarce so I called on the help of seasoned soapmakers. Soap was made up into the wee hours, testing recipes and perfecting my craft. Friends and family tested everything I made and kept coming back for more and like many soapmakers tell, I soon had wall to wall soap and eager friends, family and customers to buy my soap.

For years of making soap and skincare whenever the urge struck I decided it was time to turn my soapmaking into an official business and open a proper online shop. If you have followed me when it was Blossom Sundries, welcome friends.

This is where I found my roots, and planted my heart.

Welcome to Loves Field.